Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Luggage Outlet Me And My Girlfriend Are Staying In The Goldcoast In January In Helensvale, What Is The Best Form Of Travel?

Me and my girlfriend are staying in the goldcoast in january in helensvale, what is the best form of travel? - luggage outlet

What is the best way (easiest and cheapest) from the airport to the Gold Coast Helensvale (our accommodation)
There is also a shuttle bus into the city or the world of cinema, SeaWorld and Wet n Wild world of dreams? and approx. How?
Therefore, we must keep our luggage for a day, has almost no luggage to theme parks? and how often and what are these places open?

Then we come to Brisbane I want under one hour. What is the best way to arrive in Brisbane? we jump on several buses?
Bus is the best option? There is a train from Brisbane to Surfers Paradise?
What are the best shops in Surfers Paradise / Gold Coast? Is there a shopping mall stores factory?


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