Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Low Calorie Breakfast What Are Some Low Calorie Breakfast Foods From Restaurants?

What are some low calorie breakfast foods from restaurants? - low calorie breakfast

Hello, when I'm out, I eat a few calories, but where? What are the options for low-calorie fast food chains, or any other type of restaurant? Thanks!


consigli... said...

The white omelet.

harque20... said...

Most places, including fast food, offer a bowl of fruit and yogurt. If you are low in fat, the better. Stay away from too many ingredients such as granola. They have good food, but also have lots of sugar. A role is also great if you stay away from butter and cream cheese. Smucker's strawberry jelly is 50 calories per tablespoon (about the size of a package, restaurant). Also surprisingly, the bacon only ~ 60 calories per slice. This is the bread, butter, mayonnaise, eggs and cheese to be able to absorb the calories. The eggs are not bad, with about 80 calories per large egg. Avoid sausage. It is almost always loaded with more fat and salt you want. This is not to eat so much when you do not, what and how much.

larkin (: said...

By Dee Mccy things with fruit and yogurt.
You are amazing, and eggs are always a good choice if it accompanied by a thick cookie or muffin.

Clamshell Apple are also good!
And I know BK had potato chips and are not really bad for you! Very true!

Virendra said...

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