Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rife Putters Which Putter Is Better-Scotty Cameron Circa 62 Model 3 Or Guerin Rife Two Bar Mallet Putter?

Which putter is better-Scotty Cameron circa 62 model 3 or guerin rife two bar mallet putter? - rife putters

I wanted to Cameron, but I saw an ad on Rife and want to know, preferably people who have tried both, what is the best.


ixnaytim said...

I had the Rife putter for a while. The infomercial is true. The ball rolls clean. Good luck in your remote though. The club is 10-30 feet high within 10 feet, but I felt that I circulated about her, because she was heavy. I even tried to change the weight, but no luck. After 20 laps, I recognized the face of the Guerin Rife was very upset. I think it's because the face is a little too soft. I use my head every opportunity to cover both. Overall I would say that Guerin Rife is not only a pure roll. Overall, I think, 5, 10 I've never been more sure of himself.
I went to G5i Ping Zing, and never return. In fact, ill never hit a new mallet putter. Never buy a club before arriving in it though. You can find Guerin Rife Putters Mart and GOLFSMITH, then at least try it before buying.
I've never been a Scotty Cameron. I've never heard someone do not say, as though they used. In fact, none of these people would not even try me. I say go with Scotty, if you have aFford it. Can enjoy.

bboard11... said...

Preferably Weith want a deck or blade putter. It is a perfect putter, but a different costume for each person.

ncstatef... said...

Go with the Scotty Cameron. The best choice for the long term.

Flatstic... said...

You are not bows and arrows - each has their own feelings and preferences. You should also try, but can not go wrong with Cameron. They are wonderful balance and feel.

no idea said...

Try both. Cameron is the speed of the greens at the Country Club. very low. The two heavier rods. Camron is a weekend golfer putter milder limited forgivness gun. sdvanced intermediate level golfer Cameron putter putter

tcfw2003 said...

They should to a local dealer and try both. If it is really a better putter than the others, is only used in the PGA Tour. Apparently not. You need to know what's best for your party.

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