Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sd High Speed Are The New "high Speed" SD Memory Cards Compatible With My Canon Powershot A510?

Are the new "high speed" SD memory cards compatible with my Canon Powershot A510? - sd high speed

If the speed of the "New High" SD memory card compatible with my 3 years old Canon A510 camera and if so, it will be a significant improvement in the time between shots? If yes, and yes, you can recommend a 2 or 4 GB high speed SD card? I'm currently with a 3-year-old, 1.0 GB SanDisk card. Even freshly charged batteries, it takes 5 seconds or more between non-flash. Thank you.


Derge said...

Yes, they are compatible. All SD cards work on all devices with SD cards to accept. That is why we have rules!

"Recording interval is due to two factors. The first is the speed of the card. The other is the speed of the buffer of the camera. When the camera and reading the buffer and write on the card as soon as you can, a faster card Do not improve your shooting time of recording.

Unfortunately, the cameras are almost never as fast as SD cards. The real purpose of the speed of the memory cards to "high" Flash is the transfer of images to your computer faster with a card reader.

But forget about the speed. SD cards are cheap, and 4 GB is enough to keep a ton of pictures. I get one anyway. (Even if, in a new camera on the way you want to go the fastest 4GB card to get with it!)

Hope this helps.

Cat Lover said...

The camera is not a card or a high speed of more than 2 GB. Read the manual. Do not waste your money on the purchase of a card with a high speed, it is not running, and the business did not take him.

Elvis said...

No memory card
is the camera.
The manual shows you how great you can use.

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