Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pokemon Boat Sprite In Pokemon Saphhire, How Do You Get To Slateport City Without Using The Boat.?

In pokemon saphhire, how do you get to slateport city without using the boat.? - pokemon boat sprite

I left the ship slateport in the town and went. I do not know how I'm back now, because I went into the cave Mauville nearby and can not go this way because you have one of those things can not get right, but. plz help! 10 pts. for the better!


Winter said...

Take the southern route Mauville town, or take the bike path.
You want to bring some repellent if you take the road on foot.

May I have a sip of tea said...

If you have a Pokemon that knows how to sail again sail or just here to fly, that it was there.

dude said...

Use the wheel or just go all the way back. depends on where ur at

Jeffrey Lin said...

Surf it to surf!

Jesus said...

So get surfing and gym Bages

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