Friday, February 5, 2010

Biosilk Hair Straightner Vs Chi I Have Damaged Dry Hair, Would It Be Bad To Straighten My Hair?

I have damaged dry hair, would it be bad to straighten my hair? - biosilk hair straightner vs chi

Since last year, havent really fix my hair. My hair was very dry and damaged, as it is heat shield or whatever as his own. And now, I think, back hair standing on end. i dont have any of these products straightners helps prevent a lot of damage to the hair. But I threapy Biosilk silk. It would be nice to use, and then just my hair? Was it a bad idea and make my hair even worse than before?


Realtori... said...

I do not want the hair in better shape. Why do not you go to a professional and get your hair short and get a really good conditioning. Then a couple of good professional, before recovering again. Otherwise, the hair is not mentioned --- at the end with last minute and fall, what a bad image.

triogrou... said...

Use only a little before Biosilk recovered. Then a little stations. Ok to straighten your hair every once in a while. But not every day, and if you are not sure you cut every 4 to 6 weeks. MIC, the more than one quarter of the customs. (if you want to stay healthy or to grow your hair long)

Tiger Lily said...

First, you should get a new haircut [impasses to split ends] healthier try a dry treatment with hot oil before using any tool to make a heat shield heat.

aqua girl said...

I do not think you should straighten it. First aid for your hair. To treat dove therapy for damaged hair. If you want to go to a salon to straighten too. Use of thermal screens. GT advice from them and try to straighten

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