Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Westminster Dog Show Ad 2010 TV Ad Aired During Westminster Dog Show - Dog W/Crash Helmet?

TV ad aired during Westminster Dog Show - Dog w/Crash Helmet? - westminster dog show ad 2010

While the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in the U.S. It was adverstisement network for an automobile. It showed a man calls his dog, because we went for a walk. The dog hesitated and drew back and with a helmet before they get to the rear of the vehicle. I'm trying to enjoy the shops, so I can send a link to my son found. It was hysterical. I would appreciate a link to an online version, or if someone could tell me what brand of cars has been switched to the ad, could I find on your site. Thanks


brandeen said...

This ad very funny! Here is a link to YouTube. I hope it always works.


CS said...

I loved the ad - in particular the selection of the music that goes with it, and the reference to the eyes, a yellow-comic tone - by WEIMER out!
Here is her link:

On their homepage, click on the ads on TV in "Fascination" and select "TV commercials" and "BMW 5 Series Touring, as the model.

mantle two said...

Do not know

Dog Lover said...

The dog's head struck the rear of the vehicle during launch. Which part of it was funny?

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