Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tight Jeans Wedgies How Do You Get Rid Of Wedgies?

How do you get rid of wedgies? - tight jeans wedgies

OK, that's embarrassing. I have skinny jeans wedgie gives me all the time! and at school, not that I take with his hands again. Oh, and my mother made me wear sub-grandmother, is a coward. .... EWW

And how do I get rid wedgie without resorting to techniques of inconvenience?


jerryjam... said...

Sometimes when you are in a dance, be funny to get, but otherwise you should wait until you get to the toilet. Hope you get better underwear.

Sweetz said...

Try it with a belt or sit down and try to move side to side to ... is able to help a little bit

laney said...

So I wanted to, because it simply run too thin, hard, permanent wedgie. I wear Gap underwear hipster. The more than stock and not cut as much as the bikini. I wear my skinny jeans at all times, no wedgie ever!
My favorite is the very small rise lacy cotton hipster. They are excellent for low-rise jeans, he looks very sexy and sooo comfortable. If you do not like ultra low waist, Gap has still a low rise hipster pants Regular. Be sure that the hipster "style to choose," because they all cover more of the shares. He gave me a following on the website link. Looks really more about you than the model.

Nick the Italian said...

Help with a belt, because instead of jeans (which are shown), which gives you a wedgie, your belt you are not a permanent wedgie (detected). And do not worry ... one wedgie is much less disruptive than other things. How ... once in one of my classes, it is a girl who has left a pool of blood on the chair) (in a mini skirt with no underwear.

Talk to your mother about the situation of the underwear ... they do not understand the need cute panties ... Do not tell him to wear it then. If not ..... his sister or friends can help. Or you could steal some of the costumes.

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