Monday, February 1, 2010

Old Lead Tinsel Can New Paint Cover Old Lead Paint?

Can New paint cover old lead paint? - old lead tinsel

I get reports tenants are paintings in my house.

I'm going to do to repair it yourself. I read in the province of many standards and lead paint.

Questions can then be applied to paint lead first new color back to the old one.? or is it better to replace the wood siding? Please help, is it better to save money in repairing the road from my house ....... 1924 Thanks
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krn001 said...

A block of lead paint are just that. No need to remove existing paint, apply as usual, the cover is about 100 square feet per gallon.

jthomp58 said...

Not sure if you say you have a tenant
but I believe that most states require that all lead paint is removed
Rental Building (the owner is responsible) for children in the unit, which is very expensive. Probably less expensive to replace, but might want to check. If your cell phone and was able to do it yourself save you money. Check with your local
Department of Health first.

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